Tarot Readings


$5.00 per card, $10.00 per card for the reading written out and emailed.


Tarot readings can be very helpful in getting that outside perspective when needed. They can be a real eye opener or confirming your own intuitive inklings. They can bring clarity when in a state of confusion or deep awareness that has lain quietly waiting to be noticed.


A Tarot reading will give you a sense of the issues that are at play regarding the focus of your question. You may get clarity around taking action or not, you may get a sense of the individuals involved or the emotion behind the scenes.


With a Tarot reading it’s best to be clear in your focus, and remember the more specific the question, the more specific the answer.


Readings are not about finding out something personal or sensitive to someone else besides yourself, they are for gaining personal clarity, and they are divinely guided.