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February 4, 2015


I learned something in my own journey recently. It's about focusing on what's different -  those small changes, the seemingly insignificant ones, that take place beneath the surface, but which are actually so important when we are seeking to move energy towards a spec...

February 3, 2015


"Let these words fly through time to someone coming, you know who you are. . . . This Love has nibbled at your ear whispering secrets that don’t make sense to anyone else."


- Rumi


The image featured in this post is "Sweet Whisperings." Click here to learn more.


With G...

January 29, 2015


There’s no doubt about it, we are all creative beings! In fact, we are creating in one form or another all of the time. We can’t not create. But what are we creating and how? So often in our lives, we go along creating our days without truly being aware of this crucia...

January 27, 2015


"If you confirm the Way, its power flows through you.
Your actions become those of nature, your ways those of heaven.
Open yourself to the Tao and trust your natural responses. . .
then everything will fall into place."


From Dr. Wayne Dyers book Change Your Thoughts –...

January 20, 2015


"Life is a gift from God / Goddess / All That Is
given through the Goddess.
Yours is to learn to receive.
You are here to learn to elegantly and graciously receive that gift that life is.
Yours is to learn to receive.
That’s it. It’s time."


-- Lazaris


The image featur...

January 6, 2015


"Your world can be filled with the wonder and the power of delightful magic.
It is not only where you look. 
It’s how. 
It’s why.
Listen to Nature.
She will show you where and how.
She will remind you why."


- Lazaris


The image featured in this post is "Goddess of the...

December 30, 2014


"On your journey of renewal, decide whether yours is a path of confrontation or encounter.
Decide whether yours is a year of surprises and fears or a year of curiosities and wonders.
Are you going to be a warrior again, or are you willing to be an adventurer?
You Choo...

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January 29, 2015

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